The Story of us

Originally from England, plum cakes have been markers of joy. It gets its name from the word ‘plum’ which means dry grapes or raisins but over time, different dried fruits were also added to it giving it the name ‘fruit cake’. The unique taste of plum cakes lies in how they are made. The dry fruits are often soaked in high-quality rum for long periods to give them that unmatchable distinctive taste. An alternative to using alcohol-based solutions is using concentrated fruit juices.

We love cakes because cakes carry and create memories. We’re a family-run bakery based in New Jersey, USA. We carry that 5-decade-old family legacy of baking traditional plum fruit cakes. Our cakes smell of tradition and authenticity. We closely follow our secret family recipes passed down through 3 generations, based on authentic English baking methods to give you unparalleled quality and taste.

Here, we bake ready-to-eat plum fruit cakes filled with local goodness. We use the finest organic and natural ingredients produced on American soil that will leave you with a taste to remember. The ovens are fired up by our passion to deliver you the best quality cakes and we put a lot of handmade love into baking them. Only when we’re absolutely sure that you’ll like the cake (and our taste buds are three times more critical) so that you get nothing but the best.
We offer 4 exciting flavors with different toppings for you to choose what calls out to your heart. Our varieties go by the names- Rich, Royal, Signature and Traditional.
● Rich- to shock your tastebuds with that rich flavor of the natural sweetness of our love and the ingredients, and we like to top it with organic, roasted and unsalted sliced Almonds
● Royal- looks and tastes like what you’d serve at a royal high tea, baked with premium ingredients and topped with organic, roasted and unsalted Cashews
● Signature- for the fans of original, signature recipes packed with delicious flavors and topped with roasted and unsalted whole Pecans, Almonds and Glazed Cherries.
● Traditional- smells of authentic, classic flavors filled with the goodness of a variety of nuts that give you that ultimate traditional taste of a plum fruit cake
We love all our cakes so we can’t call out a favorite because it’s like picking a favorite child. We’re leaving it up to you to decide which flavor you are coming back here for. Not to brag, but it would be difficult to pick just one.
But wait up, the story doesn’t finish here. We know a lot can be told about a cake by the way it is packed. So, we definitely don’t take it lightly here. Our cakes are packed using world-class packaging and vacuum sealed to ensure they reach you just as we baked them. At any point, a cake should look like a gift, even if it’s for yourself. These boxes of hand-baked love are packed in a gift box and have a gift pack inside.
Every cake has a story and we ensure it tells that out loud. But that doesn’t mean every cake needs a birthday, all it needs is a loving home. For each time you’re on top of the world or trying to waddle through a bad breakup, we promise to hold you through and draw a little smile on your face. We can’t say about friends but our cakes will be there for you! Our conversation won’t get a fair ending if our cake doesn’t make it to your plate tonight and you test our promises through the taste test. 
You can find us at your local grocery store or order online. We’ll wait for you here till you come back for seconds!

Team HotCakeUSA